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Call of Juarez Gunslinger

Desde el polvo de una mina de oro hasta la mugre de un saloon, Call of Juarez®: Gunslinger es todo un homenaje a las historias del Lejano Oeste.

Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood

THE OLD WEST, 1864. In order to save their family, the McCall brothers will kill anyone who stands between them and the legendary Gold of Juarez.

Dying Light

Dying Light es un juego de acción y supervivencia en primera persona ambientado en un mundo abierto.

Dying Light - Enhanced Edition

Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition takes parkour-fueled zombie survival to a whole new level.

Dying Light - Godfather Bundle

Travel back to the romantic golden age of the Mob, when gangsters had style and a code of honor.

Dying Light - Harran Ranger Bundle

Bring the unsuspecting bandits to justice as the Harran Ranger! Put on the new camo outfit, execute headshots with your exclusive Ranger Bow, and patrol the countryside driving the Pathfinder.

Dying Light - Hellraid (DLC)

La llevaron arriba, sin saber que habían encontrado un portal a otro mundo. Dale una sacudida a tu experiencia en Dying Light usando este espeluznante artefacto para acceder a un modo de juego totalmente nuevo basado en el juego de acción y fantasía en primera persona Hellraid, de Techland, que nunca llegó a publicarse.

Dying Light - Season Pass

Go outside Harran for more fun!

Dying Light - SHU Warrior Bundle

El pack Shu Warrior incluye un nuevo atuendo que reduce de forma significativa el peligro de ser agarrado por los infectados (tanto mordedores como coléricos), una nueva pintura (Rata de metal) para el buggy y los planos de tres nuevas armas.

Dying Light - The Bozak Horde

It’s time for you to go on the offensive!

Dying Light - The Following

Leave the urban area behind and explore a dangerous countryside packed with mysterious characters, deadly new weapons, and unexpected quests.

Dying Light - Ultimate Survivor Bundle

Suit up your survivor with the best gear and weapons in Harran by turning him into the Ninja, the Secret Agent, or the Urban Explorer.

Dying Light - Vintage Gunslinger Bundle (DLC)

Nothing like good old-fashioned law and order. Fight crime as a sheriff armed with the Oathbreaker, the Onyx Thunderbolt, and the Deputy while you patrol your county in the Golden Bull buggy.

Dying Light - Volatile Hunter Bundle

Spread terror among hordes of night zombies! Don your fluorescent outfit, equip special weapons, and get behind the wheel of the Volatile Hunter.

Dying Light - White Death Bundle

Become the White Death and send chills down your enemies’ spines. Unleash terror with the Wintestorm, Piercing Frost, and Biting Blizzard weapons, and scare all in your headlights with the Ghastly Skull buggy.

God's Trigger

When an Angel and a Demon team up to kill their way into Heaven and stop the apocalypse, bullets will fly and blood will be shed.

God's Trigger O.M.G Edition

Cuando un ángel y una demonio forman equipo para abrirse paso hasta el cielo para detener el apocalipsis, llueven las balas y corre la sangre.

Pure Farming 2018

Use the latest technology and state-of-the-art licensed machines to manage all aspects of modern farming.

Pure Farming 2018 - Digital Deluxe Edition

Usa lo último en tecnología y máquinas de última generación con licencia para gestionar todos los aspectos de una granja moderna.